Product Description:
Secondary Round Handrail or “Graspable Handrail” is used in many different commercial and residential maintenance-free solutions as a stand-alone railing system or in conjunction with the primary guard rail system.   

Secondary Round Handrail or "Graspable Handrail is code and handicap compliant. Meets and exceeds national building codes (ADA Compliant) Your local building code may require a “secondary” railing system. Local jurisdiction codes also vary on how the ends of the handrail are to be finished. We suggest contacting your local building code official to determine the handrail requirements for your area.

White, Almond & Clay

Components are all sold separately

       8' 8" Garb Rail with       Aluminum Insert       

    Grab Rail End Cap    
90 Degree Post Return
3" Aluminum Mounting Bracket  
Aluminum Straight Wall Mount 

3" x 3" x 90 Degree Outside Corner

6" Aluminum Inside Mounting Bracket

90 Degree Inside Corner

36 Degree Stair Elbow     

32 Degree Stair Elbow

12" x 18" x 12" Handicap Loop
5 Degree Stair Elbow

6" Aluminum Joiner Kit with Screws

5-3/4" Adjustable Joiner
Fabricating Vinyl Fencing & Railing

Secondary Handrail

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